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The history of the library started at the same time as the university was founded in 1964. At that time its fund counted about 30 000 books gifted to the new university by the Belarusian Polytechnical University.
Service in Reading Room for Students No. 1.
Students are working in the Periodicals Department.
The first year students are listening to how to fill in correctly a reader’s form.
The Library has been keeping an electronic catalogue since 1992.
The first site of the library was developed in 2002. The same year the library acquired a network version of LMS MARC-SQL version 1.6.
Electronic Library Reading Room has been open for independent work of students since November, 2004. It is a joined project of Priorbank and BSUIR. The opening of Electronic Library Reading Room was dedicated to the 40 year since BSUIR was founded.
In 2007 the library purchased a new version of LMS MARC-SQL 1.10 and Internet with EDO software (electronic document delivery) from the funds of the National Library of Belarus, the Republican Scientific and Technical Library and Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library. This is a new option for the readers to order electronic copies of documents to their email.
In September, 2009 on the basis of the Reading Room for Students in the 4th building of BSUIR was opened the Information and Educational Centre for Electronic Resources and Services (now Reading Room No.2), equipped with modern technical devices.
In 2012 all reading rooms and circulations of the library were modernized which allowed to organize electronic issue of academic books.
The repository of BSUIR was created in 2014. It is an open access information resource that contains 30 thousand scientific and educational publications of the university.
Special attention is paid to electronic resources and library services. For the convenience of students of the Pre-University Education and Career Guidance and IIT in September, 2018 was opened Electronic Resources Reading Room in the new educational building No. 8 of BSUIR.
On the 30 December, 2020 the electronic catalogue of the library started to work under the guidance of LMS MegaPro. The system provides different services for access to information, search, overview, remote order of the required literature, possibility to work in a personal account.
The fund of the library contains 1 mln books and periodicals. There is a unique collection of literature on technology, informatics, natural sciences. The library is located in 4 academic buildings of the university. Library processes are maximally integrated into the electronic learning environment of the university.
The library not only provides information support of the educational process but also is a reliable support for research community of the university. The library actively promotes publication activity of the scientists, performs scientometric analysis, maintains research findings. It works with profiles in Science Index, Scopus and Web of Science.
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