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Don’t worry!
If you lost a book, please contact our Acquisition Department
room 101-2 bld., tel. (017) 293-86-88,

If the documents from the fund of the library are lost or damaged, they shall be replaced by identical documents or other documents that are considered to be of equal price and content by the library’s administration.

Working hours: Mon-Thu. 8.30-17.30
Fri. 8.30-16.00
Closed: Saturday, Sunday
An exit form is signed at the Home loan department
room 104-2 bld., tel. (017)293-21-55

At the Home loan department
room 103-4 bld., tel. (017)293-86-52

In order to have your exit form signed it is necessary:
1. To return the literature;
2. Or to replace lost books;
3. To hand in your master’s dissertation.

Masters’ dissertations are accepted in the Reading Room for Researchers
room 106-2 bld., tel. (017)293-21-57

It is necessary to provide:
1. Your dissertation in hard cover;
2. Electronic version of the dissertation and its abstract in *.pdf (two files) or send them to

Working hours: Mon-Fri. 9.00-19.00
Sat. 9.00-17.00
Closed: Sunday

The full text of the Terms of Use of the Library is available on request from the librarian on duty.

1. To obtain documents from the library’s fund, the users shall show the librarian on duty a student card; a student ID card; an IIT student ID card or a personal identification document;

2. All documents can be ordered remotely in electronic catalogue. To do so, please sign in your personal account in the electronic catalogue by entering your surname and student card number (for the employees – library card number);

3. The documents that the user ordered remotely will be at the chosen room for 3 working days;

4. At the circulations literature is provided to the users for an academic year after they have returned all the books taken from the library during the previous academic year;

5. The users are given maximum 30 documents;

6. When the users visit the reading rooms they shall register with the librarian on duty and show one of the documents listed in clause 1;

7. After the user has registered in the reading rooms, they shall have access to the electronic information resources of the library;

8. For independent work in the reading rooms of the library the users are provided with the possibility to connect to the university’s Wi-Fi, use patch-cords for laptops;

9. If there are any questions, please contact the librarian on duty;

10.The users of the library shall: comply with this Terms of Use; take good care of the library’s funds, computers and other property of the library, return the documents in the time period allocated by the library; if the documents from the funds of the library, replace the documents from the funds of the library with the identical documents or other documents that are considered to be of equal price and content by the library’s administration if the documents are lost or damaged.



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