6 P. Brovki Street,
Minsk 220013 Belarus
tel. +375 17 293 89 52
E-mail: sizova@bsuir.by

Library BSUIR

BSUIR library provides support of educational process and scientific research at the University and seeks to use as many state of the art information technologies as possible to provide high-quality services to the University staff and students
Ludmila Sizova
Director of BSUIR library

Ludmila Sizova

Address: 4 P. Brovki Street, room 107
E-mail: sizova@bsuir.by

The history of the library began in 1964 together with the foundation of the University. At that time the number of volumes amounted to 27587 books that were given to the University by the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute (nowadays Belarusian National Technical University).

Library serves more than 12 thousand readers annually. The cumulative book collection is over 1,5 million copies. The library has a rich collection covering engineering, informatics and natural sciences issues.

Modern computer infrastructure have been created in the library today. Workplaces for the library staff and users are united into one local university network. Reading halls provide more than 100 computerized workplaces with Internet access, including Wi-Fi. All necessary information for users is published on the library website.

BSUIR library provides access to the databases of the world leading information suppliers via the Virtual Reading Hall of the National Library of Belarus. Access is provided from all computers of the local university network.

The list of the library information services, including the usage of computer and multi-function equipment, constantly extends. For remote users the virtual services "Electronic Delivery of Documents" and "Virtual Help Service" are organized. Computerized service of students has been provided by the library since September 2011. If a person wants to get some educational literature, he/she may use an electronic ticket and an electronic request form.

Access to the electronic resources is provided by seven reading halls. 85 out of 390 seats are equipped with desktops, 62 are used for work with laptops. Sponsorship intended to improve the existing and open new computer-equipped reading halls is performed by the iTechArt Group companies and JSC Priorbank.

The library departments, units and service locations:

Building No. 2

Location: P.Brovki str. 4

- Administration

- Acquisitions

- Cataloging

- IT Support

- Marketing

- Reference Collection & Information Services

- Normative & Technical Documentation Center

- Reading Halls for Researchers & Students

- Periodicals Center

Building No. 3

Location: P.Brovki str. 10

- Digital Library Reading Hall

Building No. 4

Location: Gikalo str. 9

- Digital Resources & Services Center

- Fiction Library

- Book Crossing

Dormitory No. 1

Location: Kolasa str. 28

- Reading Hall for Students

BSUIR library staff constantly participates in the largest librarianship forums to improve the professional level. Active adoption of electronic library funds along with printing documents allows to satisfy the educational and research requirements of the University. At the same time it improves the quality of training and education on the whole, while global informatization and integration is going on.